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Unfortunatly, Australia isn't showing us season 6.
It also hasn't put out House season 5 where I live on DVD.
BUt does anyone known where I can download the season 6 episodes that I've missed?

Thankyou :)


I haven't been on LJ in so long, and I remember everyone ;)
Anyway, does anyone have links to good Huddy music video thingos?
Lissie made good ones. I need to feed my Huddy ego.

Please and thankyou (:

Does anyone have/own/know any icons that star House playing his piano? My friend and I just realised that I play the piano, and she plays the guitar and they are both House instruments (we did *squee* at this). So we decided to get House playing the instrument of choice. So now I am trying to find one of him and his piano.

Has anyone seen one or anythign that I can use? I will credit it, obviously.

And since this is OT, we are all House fans are we not? Surely I can ask a House related question :D
Also, since I am in Aus. we are only getting Hosue re-runs and the last episode I was was "the itch" and I have no idea what is happening, and I'm very sad atm, lol.
1) Can someone please point me the way to a House/Cuddy fanvid to the song Fall For you by Secondhand Serenade. Or, if you are bored and like the song - you could make one for it ;)

2) This is a little less Huddy related, but in "Last Resort" House wrote ♥ defect on Cuddy's wall. Can someone please make me an icon of this frame with just ♥ defect? I would love them forever :D

It was late Friday night when House found Cuddy sitting alone on a bench in the near by park. When he approached, she took her ear phones out and turned her ipod off.

“You left your date,” House said and sat down next to her.

She gasped. How did he know? Was he under the table listening? That is the sort of thing he would do.

He looked at her and smiled, “You were listing to ‘Stronger’ it’s a happy song.”

She sighed in relief and turned her music back on. House put on arm around her and she gave him an earphone.
What was the most recent House episode played in America or whereever it gets sreamed to first? I am trying to work out how many episodes behind Western Australia is. Most recent episode here was "Adverse Events".
Cuddy dipped her paintbrush back into the paint and continued to recolour her living room. As she flicked hair out of her blue eyes, a strong hand grabbed her arm. Retaliating, she turned and flicked paint into the man’s eye.

“I’m so sorry, House,” She gasped, getting a cloth and dabbing his eye.

“S’okay Cuddy. Here, gimme the paint bucket.”

Hesitating, Cuddy handed him the bucket full of yellow liquid. As he dipped his hand in, she frowned. Before she could react, he slapped her ass.

“Now you have a yellow hand mark and I have a yellow eye, even?”
Your apartment or mine?Collapse )
He was pissing her off so she unstrapped her high heels and calmly placed them on the floor next to her. She wriggled her short red dress down closer towards her knees where it belonged and poised herself. He wasn’t expecting it, so she jumped. She leapt up and wrapped her legs around his body. She pushed his head into her chest and clung onto his hair tightly. House whispered something into her torso, it tickled slightly and she giggled. House felt her fall, so he pushed her back up. Cuddy kissed the top of his head and laughed.